In response to a growing need we have established 3 fuelbanks for Cheshire West.

The issue

While Cheshire West may often be considered to be affluent there are areas of high deprivation where residents struggle to heat their homes in the winter, make a cup of tea or heat food for their families.

We know that food bank users are often experiencing both food and fuel crises, and for many who are forced to make the decision between heating and eating, they choose to forgo the fuel. This then leaves them without the facilities to cook the food they are given by the food bank, as well as without access to energy for other basics many of us take for granted like lighting and hot water.

The response

In response to this Citizens Advice Cheshire West and the Welcome Network are raising funds for the 3 Fuel Banks in Cheshire West. We want to ensure that fewer Cheshire West residents have to choose between heating their home and feeding their family

Working with Vale Royal Lions, Citizens Advice Cheshire West established a fuelbank in 2016. Since then over 100 people have been helped to pay for much needed energy to their homes. The help does not generate long term reliance, it is short term help accompanied by advice and support to resolve the issues causing the fuel poverty.

In 2017 an Ellesmere Port fuel bank was established and it helped 26 residents in response to feedback from local communities. The response from residents was overwhelmingly positive.

In 2018 we are launching the Chester Fuel Bank, to ensure that wherever people live in Cheshire West there is always somewhere to turn to when facing fuel poverty.

Support us

We need your help to keep the Fuelbanks running and help more people for years to come. Every pound helps, so please consider making a donation today and sharing this page with your friends and family.