After the Government announced £170 million in funding would be available for local authorities through its COVID Winter Grant Scheme, Cheshire West and Chester Council will receive £925,000 in total to support residents.

This funding will help families struggling to pay for food, fuel or water rates throughout the winter period.

Who will qualify

The eligible children and young people that this Scheme will support are:

  • Families with children receiving free school meals on 1 December 2020.
  • Families receiving either a Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction on 1 December 2020 AND with children below the age of four, or children between the ages of 16 and 18 inclusive.
  • Individuals who have left the care of Cheshire West and Chester Council and are below the age of 25 on 1 December 2020.

Details of the award

Applications must be made online as bank details are required to make payments. An award of £45 per eligible child or young person will be paid into the nominated bank account to offer support for food through the winter period. In addition, a payment of £35 will be made per household for eligible children and families to support around fuel and water bills. These payments are subject to eligibility checks against records held by the Council. An automated notification will be sent out to confirm that an application has been received.

When payments will be made

Payments will start in December, but volumes are likely to be high. The Council is asking that, once an application form is completed, time is given to send the awards out as repeat contacts are likely to delay any awards made.

Apply online

Other help available

Citizens Advice Cheshire West in conjunction with The Fuel Bank Foundation will also receive funding to support people who are struggling to meet their fuel bills. Find out more about our Fuel Bank.

Disability Positive has also been awarded £15,000 to support children and adults it works with who have long-term health conditions, helping them access food, energy or water bill support.

The Welcome Network is commissioned by the Council to coordinate food offers across the borough. Details of local food offers in Cheshire West and Chester over the Christmas are being compiled on the Welcome Network website.