Scams Awareness is a yearly campaign which aims to create a network of confident, alert consumers who know what to do when they see a scam. This year's campaign will take place over two weeks, from the 10th-23rd June.

Whether you’re an individual consumer looking to protect yourself and your family from scams, or an organisation or group representing consumers, your efforts during the campaign are important.

Help us spread the message that scams are crimes that can happen to anyone and we don’t need to be embarrassed if we fall victim to them.

For more information about the campaign visit the Citizens Advice website.

Resources for campaigners

Citizens Advice has produced a range of campaign tools to help you take part and raise awareness of scams throughout the year, not just during the Scams Awareness campaign.  Visit the Citizens Advice website for downloadable materials.

Partner Hub

Citizens Advice is hosting resources from Scams Awareness Partners.  For more information and materials to help you raise awareness of scams about a range of topics visit the Citizens Advice website Partner Hub.

Guides on scams

Citizens Advice has produced some helpful guides to get people talking about scams.  Click on the links for more information.

Employment scams

Online scams

Pensions scams