While there are many organisations available to help when you face problems, the choice can be overwhelming and it’s not always easy to get to the right place. That’s where our community connectors come in…..if you lack confidence, or are struggling with multiple problems, and just want to talk to one person we can help.

Community connectors will:

  • signpost and connect you to the organisations that can help, at a time when you most need that help
  • provide advice and information in a setting in which you are comfortable
  • co-ordinate the help you need so that you only have to tell your story once
  • accompany you to appointments and groups that you may not otherwise have the confidence to attend (as long as it is safe to do so)
  • advocate on behalf of your behalf
  • work with you on a long-term basis, following up and checking progress
  • offer support on a wide range of issues including benefits, debt, housing, relationships and employment or refer to an agency who can help (please note we can’t influence the allocation of housing)

Contact us

You can refer yourself to a community connector or be referred by a partner organisation.

Get in touch by visiting your local Community Access Point or emailing us

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