What are my rights if I can’t go to work because my child’s school has closed in the light of the coronavirus pandemic?

  • If you are an employee you have a right, by law, to take a type of leave called 'time off for dependents'
  • This a right to take 'reasonable' time off to take care of an emergency relating to a child or other dependent, including school closures
  • It's important to note that what counts as 'reasonable' depends on the circumstances - it is a grey area in law as to what might be deemed 'reasonable' in regards to coronavirus
  • The statutory right is to unpaid time off. Your contract may include a term, or your employer might have a policy that gives you paid time off in an emergency, so you should check these
  • Your employer may pay you for a short period of time off, even if it's not a contractual right
  • Alternatively, you could see if you are able to work from home, change your shift pattern, or take annual leave

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