The project has run as a pilot since June 2019 following an initial idea from the Poverty Truth Commission. We are pleased that future funding has secured continuation of the work and we are seeking funding to expand and develop the work further.

Britain in 2020 is a very complex place and there are many organizations which exist to help those in need. Some of these are run by national Government, others by the local authority and many more by the voluntary sector. The help does very often exist, but many clients need help to find the right place to go to find the support which they need. The Community Connector makes that vital "connection" to make sure that someone in need finds the right organization(s) to help them. 

Our Community Connectors are employed to work in community venues attended regularly by people who might need help to move forward in their everyday lives. They currently work across Cheshire West and throughout the current pandemic are contactable by phone or email. 

Alongside this we are aiming to develop volunteer connectors throughout Cheshire West. People who may come into contact with local residents who need help and support.